Jamaica Approved covid

Entering Jamaica Protocols

  1. Three days prior to your flight get a Covid test completed,
    When you receive your results print them and bring them to the airport at check-in
  2. Fill out the Pre-travel authorization Form it can be found at https://travelauth.visitjamaica.com/.
    While on the site finish the immigrations and customs part of the form

    You will be staying at a private residence with friends at
    294 Duncan’s Bay Drive
    Duncan’s Bay, Trelawny, Jamaica

  3. You will receive the authorization form back with an hour and print it off also.
  4. Bring both papers with you when you check-in for your flight ( they will not allow you to board without these two forms )
  5. When you arrive in Montego Bay you will only need your passport. They will have everything on the computer ready for your check-in but have both forms ready to go just in case

Return to the USA

  1. Within 72 hours submit an attestation form can be found on your airline website
  2. Within 24 hours receive a Negative Covid test. There are several on the island but the easiest is at the airport terminals ( allow an extra hour to complete the test before check
  3. Show both the forms at Check-in and you should be cleared to travel both ways
Back in the USA