Queen Room

Your Cozy Retreat Amid Tropical Serenity

$90/person per night, all-inclusive – 1-2 people

As you step into our Queen Room, a wave of tranquility washes over you, leaving the bustle of the everyday world at the door. The room, your haven of serenity, is thoughtfully adorned with a blend of modern conveniences and a touch of tropical elegance. The gentle hum of the ceiling fan complements the soothing island breeze as you unwind before a 120-channel TV. As night falls, the room cradles you into a restful sleep, with the gentle whispers of the palm leaves lulling you into dreams filled with endless turquoise horizons.

Embark on a journey of endless delights at Castaways Villa. With our all-encompassing rates, indulge in sumptuous meals, refreshing drinks, and exhilarating on-site activities without a worry. The simplicity of an all-inclusive, no-tipping policy, paired with complimentary Wi-Fi in the lobby, ensures smooth sailing throughout your stay. Though the villa is a treasure trove of experiences, the adventure extends beyond, with a curated list of excursions and amenities awaiting your exploration at a nominal additional cost.

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